We have experience working with a wide range of clients, from small startups to large fortune 500 corporations. We have been trusted by the NFL, Portland Trail Blazers, The Famous Group, Van Wagner, Carolina Panther, Charlotte FC, HPE, Halliburton, to deliver exceptional results. We analyze the brand, the need and develop a winning creative solution. We are constantly exploring new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible and are always looking for new challenges!

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Houston Rockets

I have had the pleasure of working with Nektor for a number of years. They have always been prompt, honest, and very down to earth. Nektor is always ahead of the game when it comes to motion graphics and post-production, and on top of the latest trends when it came to live-event production seeing every budget and detail through. Nektor can wear many hats and has always been extremely motivated to put out the best product they could in any situation. We hired them at the Rockets as part of our freelance production staff, and have also outsourced content to them on occasion when needed.

Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash

I have known and worked with Nektor in many different capacities for over 13 years. They are masters of content ideation, creation, and execution. They are well versed in many platforms content creation needs for TV Broadcasts, live-streams, Video boards, and social media.

University of Houston

In my opinion, Nektor is one of the best content creators in the country. They are tireless and strives for perfection. Animations and editing ability is unmatched. I am privileged to work with them.


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